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I-BAR Side and Top Terminal Adaptor

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XS Power

I-BAR, side terminals (adapts S3400 batteries to GM vehicles with side terminal) are for group 78 applications. XS Power introduces the first fully integrated, completely modular battery amperage management system. The I-BAR system allows one battery design to be transformed into a perfect fit for a number of applications. The system allows for SAE posts which fit many domestic and import vehicles, standard GM side posts or the combination of both. For marine applications 3/8 inches and 5/16 inches studs can be fitted, or the popular combination SAE posts and 5/16 inches studs. Now for the first time a battery can be configured with (4) SAE top posts in conjunction with GM side posts. This allows standard GM electrical connections that car audio enthusiasts can use to directly distribute power from the battery’s connections. The I-BAR rails feature a unique design that locks them into the battery’s case relieving stress on the cables, and side connections. The I-BAR locking feature is exclusive to XS Power, and not offered with other AGM side terminal designs.