Vais MML-L1

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Vais Tech USB Port for iPhone

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Vais Tech

MML allows you to connect an iPod/iPhone/iPad in your car and access your music library conveniently through your factory radio. MML also charges your device when it is connected.

Outstanding Sound Quality

MML is a beautifully engineered high-end device that delivers spectacularly clear, impressively natural virtually free of distortion audio. A MML gives you the ability to listen to music through your car audio system in its purest form.

Plug and play design

MML connects using a direct plug-and-play connection for compatible 2001 and newer Toyota and Lexus models with or without a navigation system. MML connects to the back of the radio using automotive connectors.


You simply use the USB cable that came with your iPod/iPhone/iPad to connect to MML.

Flash drive and mass storage device connection

MML gives you the ability to plug in virtually any mass storage device (flash drive, portable hard drive, etc.) and play your music library through the car the way you want to hear it. MML reproduces the original recording with inspirational digital sound.

Quick and easy music browsing

Once you connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad to MML, you can easily browse your music library using your factory radio controls as well as display titles on your radio display. (Title display is only available if your radio supports text display.)

Stream Internet radio and 3rd party music players

The MML USB interface also supports 3rd party music players and internet radio. You can play and display info from supported apps like Pandora, TuneIn Radio, Slacker, Spotify, Livio, iHeartRadio, etc. directly through your factory radio/navigation system. (Title display is only available if your radio supports text display.)

Control from the connected device

You have a choice to control your music from either your radio or directly from the connected iOS device.