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Putco Nitro-Lux Zero 9006 LED

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Advanced CSP LED technology for superior brightness – With 6500k color temperature and 5000-lumen output, the Nitro-Lux Zero Pro is Putco’s most powerful bulb ever designed for maximum down-road punch.
Unique finish for maximum light ray protection – Fully anodized non-reflective nickel finish helps eliminate light ray interference inside the lamp.
Easy-Clock™ collar for fast light beam adjustment – The new built-in collar design allows you to quickly and easily adjust the light beam for the visibility you need.
20mm Heat sink depth for a perfect fit – The new Nitro-Lux™ LED from Putco is even slimmer with an industry-leading footprint to fit into modern headlamps’ minimal housing space.
Patented heat sink for maximum longevity – Exclusive solid-state heat sink design ensures exceptional performance, long life, and superior scientifically-proven heat mitigation. Anti-Flicker driver box to eliminate external anti-flicker module
New miniature capacitors eliminate the need for external anti-flicker module. And the tough seal advanced polymer is 100% waterproof and can withstand the toughest conditions.
Nylon braided sleeve for outstanding UV, abrasion, and temperature resistance – The sleeve is braided from polyethylene terephthalate monofilament fibers that have a wide operating temperature range and are highly resistant to UV radiation and abrasion.
Precision terminal systems for a perfect fit with the OEM harness – The terminal systems are 100% water- and dustproof and compatible with the existing OEM harness. Twist-lock and slide pressure locks for OEM guarantee flawless contact points. more details on – https://www.carid.com/putco/nitro-prolux-zero-led-conversion-kit-9006-hb4-mpn-709006pz.html