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Diamond Sandwich Microfibre Drying Towel (HS Code 63079098)

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Introducing Gtechniq’s MF4 Diamond Sandwich Microfiber Drying Towel. The towel that will dust, shine and polish wet and dry surfaces.

For a professional shine that will leave your car looking like it just came out of the showroom, look to the Gtechniq MF4 Diamond towel to shine it like a pro.

Always Finishes With A Shine
Our microfiber drying towel will give your vehicle, accessories, and appliances the shine that it deserves. Whether you want to dust, clean, shine, polish, this easy to use product will do the trick in seconds.

Easily Absorbed
Our soft, highly absorbent microfiber towel will absorb the water and products like no other. The outer layer wicks water into the core reservoir to ensure you get the perfect polish. It’s scratch free, and will always provide you with a streak-free finish. No more smudges and unnecessary grime when you can use our drying towel to get a radiant shine.

Material Built To Last
Our MF4 Diamond Sandwich drying towel is constructed using high-quality fabric and is built to last. To ensure the quality of our product lasts, take proper care of it and wash at 50C using half the normal amount of bleach-free detergent. Do not use fabric softener, and air dry or dry on a very low temperature.

Wicks Water Into Core Reservoir
Gtechniq’s microfiber towel is designed to wick the extra water and products into the core reservoir of the towel. It is carefully crafted to ensure long-lasting usage and to make sure it provides maximum results. For a low price, you can shine your vehicle, appliances, accessories, electronics and whatever items that could use a good polish.

Risk-Free Purchase
We at Gtechniq believe in our products and want to show you that our MF4 Diamond Sandwich microfiber drying towel lives up to the expectations we have concluded