Gtechniq MCF 0.5

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Ceramic Fast Coat 500ml (Marine)

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The Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat helps enhance gloss and durability of an existing coating layer. When protecting coatings on vehicles, it is recommended to apply a top coat to add slickness and to keep that existing layer of protection lasting its longest, plus it enhances the look! The same can be said when you are working within the marine industry. With only a spray and wipe of the Ceramic Fast Coat, the layer will crosslink to the gel coat or existing coating layer, enhancing gloss and leaving behind a new layer of protection that lasts months. Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat is non-smearing and optically clear. The formula is also non-yellowing and will even prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from fading the gel coat. It will also protect against oxidation and help keep the surface cleaner for much longer. Keep your gel coat protected and looking its best with the Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Fast Coat!

Application Instructions

  • Shake bottle well before use.
  • Ensure that all surfaces have been thoroughly washed and dried.
  • Spray the product onto a clean microfiber towel and spread the product onto the surface.
  • Buff with a second microfiber towel until you have a streak-free finish.
  • If the product is difficult to remove, wipe with a wet microfiber and then buff with a dry one.