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Smart fabric coat (HS Code 32089019)

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The Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric allows you to protect you interior fabrics (ie carpets, mats, etc.) and exterior (ie convertable tops, outdoor furniture, etc.) from nearly anything life can throw at it! Various areas of your vehicle can become dirty fast, especially fabrics that easily grab and hold dirt and grime. With I1, simply spray your vehicles fabrics and the nanoparticles in this high-quality formula will coat the individual fibers in a protective layer. Water and oil-based liquids are instantly repelled from the surface, that means coffee, wine, soda, blood, and more will simply roll off the surface! Wipe away any spills with a damp cloth and you will be left with zero staining! Apply I1 to your convertible tops, fabric seats, carpets, mats, outdoor furniture, shoes, clothing, and more. Best yet, the fibers remain breathable and feel soft and flexible. No sticky or plastic feeling from this formula. If you are looking for some antibacterial features, check out the I1 AB. If you are looking to protect your fabric surfaces, check out the Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric!

V2 Formula:

  • V2 is more durable, hydrophobic, and a has moved away from fluorocarbons to a more environmentally friendly formula than V1.

I1 vs I1 AB:

  • I1 – Protects fabric surfaces and is highly recommended for use on convertible tops, boats and exterior fabrics.
  • I1 AB – Protects fabric surfaces but also features BioCote, which is an antimicrobial technology that helps kill 99.9% of the bacteria on the surface. The AB properties can cause a “dust” when over applied, so avoid application on convertible tops, boats and exterior fabrics. For these areas, use the regular I1.