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Remote Start , Alarm, or Remote Start and Alarm, BLADE Ready


FT-CMX-LC CMX Universal Remote Starter (module & low current harness only)

One Brain to Rule Them All. The “X” in CMX represents the universal applications for which this system can be used: security, remote start, or combo
Smarter, Stronger, Faster Upgraded 32-bit ARM processor (CM-7 is 8-bit) and flash storage (256kb) for more advanced programmability, event tracking, and speed
Choose Your Upgrades. The CMX supports all Firstech accessories for universal applications, such as ALARMIT for security and FTI T-Harnesses for remote start
Firmware OTA Updating (Coming Soon). Update your control module firmware via the DroneMobile App or activation portal. You no longer need to go under the dash to update

  • Includes LC Low Current Harness Only
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Same Connector Layout CM7xxx
  • Supports All Firstech RF Kits & Drone Mobile
  • Flexible Bypass Module Support
  • BLADE “Cartridge Style” Compatible
  • ALCA can also be used
  • FTI Harness Compatible
  • Manual Transmission Compatible with DASII
  • Drone Mobile Ready
  • 3 Programmable HC High CUrrent Outputs
  • Auxiliary Port
  • 3 Additional Data Ports
  • 2 Additional LC Low Current Ports
  • Active LED on Module (if you don’t hook up Parking Lights)
  • Programmable Door/Trunk/Hood Inputs – Positive/Negative/Normally Closed
  • Compatible with DroneMobile
  • Compatible with RPS Touch
  • Compatible with Weblink
  • Built-in Turbo Timer
  • Diesel-Engine Safe
  • Manual-Transmission Safe