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  • PURE POWER – Plug in and charge your smartphone, tablet, and many other mobile devices from the convenient USB port. 500 Watts continuous (1000 watts peak power) and two fast charge USB Ports gives pro drivers, travelers and campers charge on the go.
  • PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINMENT – The CPI500W gives you power supply through two grounded AC outlets for office equipment, laptops, gaming systems, other entertainment devices and small appliances drawing up to 500 watts from your car, truck, RV or boat.
  • INPUT/OUTPUT LED INDICATOR – A 2-color LED indicator lets you know your power inverter status at all times. This digital display illustrates the vehicle’s battery voltage and device connected current consumption in watts on a large LED display.
  • POWER WHERE YOU NEED IT – This power inverter is small enough to fit just about anywhere but capable enough to charge and power your devices and small appliances during tailgates, camping and road trips, and anywhere else your travels take you.
  • RELIABLE AND SAFE – To keep you safe CPI500W has built in Pentagon Protection which includes 5 levels of protection from failures (thermal shutdown, reverse polarity, over voltage shutdown, low voltage shutdown, and low voltage alarm).