Brandmotion FLTW7695

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Brandmotion FLTW-7695 GM Onsta

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When shifting your vehicle into reverse, this replacement GM Onstar Auto-dimming Mirror will display any installed backup camera on the large 4.3 embedded LCD screen. When the vehicle is not in reverse, the display completely disappears and the mirror is used for its normal functions. This mirror retains all OnStar functionality in the vehicle. Featuring dual camera inputs, the mirror allows you to connect a reverse-triggered backup camera along with one additional video input.

  • Utilizes Standard D-Tab Wedge Mount
  • Format/NTSC
  • 9-24V Operating Voltage Range
  • Remote Included/Battery Sold Separately
  • OnStar Compatible
  • No Parking Gridline Overlay/Can Be Supplied From Camera
  • Works With 10 Pin And 16 Pin Mirrors
  • Large-Vibrant 4.3 in. Full Color Embedded Screen
  • Resolution/Coming Soon
  • 10 in. Mirror
  • 2 Inputs/RCA/With Trigger Wires
  • 4.3 Aspect Ratio