Brandmotion FLTW7603

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Brandmotion FLTW-7603 Snap-in

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This low-cost aftermarket CMOS camera is ideal if you’re looking to save some money and for a non-OEM solution. It utilizes a unique snap-in mounting system that requires minimal surface area to attach the camera.

  • Heavy Duty Design For Increased Durability
  • 9-16V Operating Voltage Range
  • Color Image With Automatic White Balance
  • Electric Auto Iris
  • 170 Degrees Horizontal Field Of View
  • 120 Degrees Vertical Field Of View
  • Waterproof Case
  • Ultra High Quality Truck-To-Trailer Quick Disconnect Wiring
  • 648 x 488 Resolution 420p
  • 0.5 Lux For Better Illumination And A Sharper Image
  • Parking Gridlines Available And Image Mirroring Available
  • Format/NTSC