Brandmotion 90023000

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Brandmotion 9002-3000 Universa

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Avoid common backup accidents! Brandmotion’s universal 4-sensor rear parking sensor system can be installed on any vehicle with a 25 foot or less wheelbase. Distance readout is shown on included LED display showing numerical and color coded readout. The audible alert town increases in frequency as objects are approached. Sensors mount into the rear bumper and include specially-designed rubber insulators to improve performance on steel bumpers. Special angle mounts allow sensors to work on all vehicle types. Sensors come in black and are easily paintable.

  • 4 Sensor System
  • 11 Foot Sensor Harness Length
  • 18 Foot Display Harness Length
  • Designed For Backup Operation Only
  • High Quality LED Display
  • Display Shows Distance Numerically And With Color Coding
  • Versatile Mounting Options For Display
  • Audible Alert Increase Frequency As Approaching Object
  • Includes Rubber Insulators For Steel Bumpers
  • Includes Angled Mounts For Increased Bumper Compatibility