Audio Control SA4100I

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Audio Control iOS Microphone

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To get the best out of your sound system, you need to compensate for the acoustic characteristics of its environment, whether it’s your car or your living room. AudioControl’s SA-4100i omnidirectional microphone works with your iPhone to measure your system’s performance, so you can use your equalizer to get rid of peaks and dead spots.

The SA-4100i works hand in glove with AudioControl’s Mobile Tools app and its suite of measurement tools. Plug the SA-4100i into your iOS device (iOS 5.0 or later), and you can analyze the room’s or vehicle’s acoustics with real precision. You’ll be able to see when your equalizer or processor has maximized your system’s performance, or when your room treatments have had the desired effect.

The mic’s omnidirectional polar pattern ensures that you’ll capture all the dynamics of the room when you make your measurements. AudioControl includes a carrying case.

  • compatible with iOS devices
  • Lightning connector
  • omnidirectional polar pattern
  • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz ±3dB
  • gain ranges: 27dBA – 105dBA; 48dBA – 120dBA
  • power consumption: <50mA
  • length: 5.7″
  • includes carrying case and wind screen